Fruit Tree Pruning Facts in Puyallup

Do you own fruit trees on your property in Puyallup, Washington? If so, it’s important to realize that regular fruit tree pruning is a vital part of proper maintenance. Failing to take care of your trees can result in unhealthy trees and fruit. While it may be possible to perform this task yourself, some cases call for the services of a professional arborist. Considering the following facts about pruning will help you decide whether or not to hire a fruit tree pruning professional in Puyallup. 

Stimulates Further Growth

One of the main reasons that fruit tree pruning is so important is that it allows for further growth of fruit-bearing branches in the future. Pruning too much, however, can be detrimental. A professional has the training required to know which branches should be cut and which should remain.

Controls the Size of Your Trees

While large trees are beautiful, they aren’t always convenient. Further, fruit trees should be maintained at a specific size in order to prepare for the best possible harvest. Fruit tree pruning yearly can ensure your tree remains the right size.

Improves the Quality of the Harvest

Fruit tree pruning also improves the quality of the fruit produced by your trees. A professional will know how to prune so that light can penetrate the tree and increase bud production throughout. 

Need Professional Fruit Tree Pruning Services in Puyallup?

Do you need professional fruit tree pruning services in Puyallup, Washington? Without the right care, they will be unable to provide you with the quantity and quality of fruit you expect. To receive expert pruning advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service, contact the professionals at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup today! Our highly-trained and experienced team can assist with all of your pruning, trimming, and tree removal needs. We also offer emergency tree removal.

Fruit Tree Pruning Experts in Puyallup

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When is an Emergency Tree Removal Necessary in King

emergency tree removalHas your property in King, Washington, recently been hit by a storm? If it left one or more of your trees in questionable condition, it might be time to schedule emergency tree removal services. If you’ve never needed emergency services before, you may be wondering whether or not calling an arborist today is completely necessary. The simple answer is that it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If you think the tree or trees on your property pose a risk to you or your home, get an expert opinion from a tree removal professional. The most common reasons homeowners schedule emergency tree removal services in King are:

Extensive Tree Damage

If one or more trees on your property were damaged during a recent storm, you probably should schedule emergency tree removal services. If the damage is extensive, the trees will probably decay over time, which can result in a higher risk of falling. Continue Reading →

Common Questions about Tree Removal in Pierce County

tree removalDo you need to hire a tree removal expert in Pierce County, Washington? If you need to have a tree removed from your property, you probably have more than a few questions about the process. This is especially true for homeowners who have never needed this type of service before. A professional arborist will be happy to provide you with any necessary information during a consultation. But here are answers to some of the most basic questions people ask about tree removal in Pierce County.

When is tree removal necessary?

There are a number of reasons you may need to schedule tree removal. In most cases, however, the tree in question poses some kind of threat to your property. Dead trees, for example, may fall during a storm and cause serious damage. Diseased and insect-infested trees should also be removed. If the tree is too unsafe, you may need to request emergency tree removal services.

What qualities should I look for in a tree removal company?

Tree removal companies vary in quality. Before hiring a contractor, it’s important to do your research. Only consider companies with professional certifications, licenses, and insurance coverage. Also look for positive customer reviews and good customer service. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Always Hire a Tree Trimming & Pruning Professional in Gig Harbor

Joaquin's Tree ExpertDo you need tree trimming and pruning services in Gig Harbor, Washington? It’s time to contact a tree trimming professional. It can be tempting for home and business owners to attempt tackling trimming and pruning projects themselves, but we never recommend this. In fact, you should always hire an arborist for all you tree trimming and tree removal needs. Here are several reasons you should hire a professional tree trimmer to provide these services in Gig Harbor.

Unseen Dangers

Tree topping and pruning can be extremely dangerous, especially for individuals without proper training and experience. Not only will you be at risk of losing your balance, but unseen rotten limbs can cause falls as well. Additionally, the tools required can cause harm when used improperly. For your safety and the safety of others, always contact a professional tree trimmer.

Potential Property Damage

When you attempt tree trimming and pruning yourself, you could be putting your property at risk. One major reason to hire a professional tree trimmer is because these individuals and companies are covered by insurance. If an accident occurs while a professional is working on your property, it should be covered. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Tree Topping in Lakewood

tree topping, tree trimmingWhen was the last time the trees on your Lakewood, Washington, property were trimmed? Tree trimming, commonly called tree topping, is a very important part of proper tree maintenance. If it’s been a while since your trees had any attention, it may be worth having an arborist evaluate them. Consider the following benefits of tree topping and then contact a tree removal specialist in Lakewood for professional assistance.

Improves Tree Health

Tree topping is actually very good for your trees. As trees grow, certain parts die. These sections make it difficult for the still-living portions of the tree to continue thriving. By removing the brittle, dead sections, you’re making it possible for your tree to continue growing.

Directs Growth

Young trees tend to grow without any direction. In some cases, trees may grow in ways that are detrimental to your home and themselves. Performing regular tree trimming and pruning helps teach the tree which direction it should grow in the future. Tree topping ensures your tree stays healthy and beautiful. Continue Reading →

When is it Time to Call a Certified Arborist in University Place?

certified arboristIs it time to call a certified arborist in University Place, Washington? Knowing when to call a tree removal specialist can be tricky, but you should never attempt potentially dangerous tree services yourself. Consider these common reasons to contact a certified arborist in University Place.

Tree Assessment

Some dead or dying trees may be at risk of falling on your property. If you’re unsure about the safety of a certain tree, a certified arborist can conduct a full assessment.

Tree Pruning

A certified arborist can also perform any necessary tree trimming and pruning. When branches are too close to your home or power lines, they will need to be removed. In some cases, eliminating diseased branches can save a tree from dying. Continue Reading →

Tree Removal Indicators in Tacoma

tree removal indicatorAre you debating whether you need tree removal services in Tacoma, Washington? As a homeowner, you already know how important the safety of your family and property is. Knowing when it’s time to cut down a tree in your yard, however, is a little trickier. If you see these tree removal indicators, it’s time to contact a tree removal specialist in Tacoma.


One of the indicators that it’s probably time to call an arborist for tree removal is when one of the trees on your property is leaning heavily in one direction. This is especially true if the tree is leaning toward your home.

Poor Health

Trees can become dangerous as they die. If you’ve noticed a tree on your property has several dead branches or exposed roots, its health is declining. To be safe, have a tree expert determine whether tree removal is necessary.

Close to Power Lines

Healthy and dying trees alike can be hazardous when they’re too close to power lines. A falling branch can do a lot of damage, so always seek tree removal assistance right away. Continue Reading →