Why Hire Professional Tree Removal Services in Tacoma?

When the time comes to remove a tree on your property, it’s essential to do it correctly. If you are going to remove the entire tree, including the stump and roots, there are a lot of things that you have to consider and many factors involved. Knowing why you should hire professional tree removal services can help you make the right choice. 


Perhaps the most critical factor in hiring a professional to remove your tree is safety. Cutting down and removing a tree can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. A professional will be sure to do things safely and avoid any hazards. 

Thorough Removal

When you hire professional tree removal services, you can be sure the tree will be removed accurately. They will have the tools and techniques to remove the stump and the roots. This will ensure the tree doesn’t grow back or cause problems on the property later. 

Pest Mitigation

If a tree is not removed correctly, it can become a breeding ground for pests. Professional tree removal services will take steps to make sure that pests don’t move into the removal site. This will protect your home and family and keep your yard in good condition. 

Need Tree Removal Services in Tacoma?

Does your yard have trees that need to be removed? The best solution is to call Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company for an evaluation. An arborist can determine whether removal is in order. Aside from trimming, we also provide emergency services to quickly have your fallen tree removed in the aftermath of a storm. Contact us today!

Experienced Tree Removal in Tacoma

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Benefits of Tree Topping in Lakewood

tree topping, tree trimmingWhen was the last time you had a professional trim your tree, if ever? This is also known as tree topping, and it’s an integral part of maintaining tree health. There are multiple benefits associated with regularly topping a tree. Consider these advantages if you’re a Lakewood homeowner and have an adult tree resting on your property.

Improves Tree Health

Tree topping promotes good tree health. As the tree grows, some parts begin withering. The withered areas make it more difficult for still-living areas of the tree to thrive. Removing the dead portions enables the tree to freely expand without the risk of stunted growth.

Directs Growth of Young Trees

Saplings tend to grow without any specific direction. In some cases, trees may expand in ways that can be counterproductive. Tree trimming and pruning enable the tree to grow naturally and in the direction of the sunlight. Continue Reading →

When is it Time to Call a Certified Arborist Serving University Place?

certified arboristHomeowners are not advised to perform any type of extensive tree work on their own. Doing so may risk damage to the tree and may also pose a safety risk to the homeowners. Learn when you should contact a certified arborist to tend to a tree on your property. 

Tree Assessment

A diseased tree has a weakened structure and may topple over during high winds. This makes it a serious safety liability. Contact an arborist to evaluate the tree’s health and any potential safety risks.

Tree Pruning

An arborist can also perform tree trimming and pruning. Cutting off branches serve multiple purposes. It keeps elongated branches away from power and utility lines. It also minimizes the chances of the tree developing an infection. Trimming should only be done by a professional. Homeowners may make the mistake of cutting too deeply, which can have the opposite effect and leave the tree more vulnerable to disease.

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Indicators That You Need Tree Removal Services Serving Federal Way

tree removal indicatorIs there a tree that rests on your property? There are tree removal indicators that hint that the tree may be in dire health and in danger of toppling over. To be sure, you’ll need to contact tree removal services serving Federal Way. Here are the indicators to watch out for.


Is the tree leaning heavily in one direction? A healthy tree doesn’t have to be perfectly upright, but it shouldn’t be significantly tilted in one direction either. This can especially be a danger if the tree is leaning in the direction of your home or driveway. Contact emergency tree removal if the leaning is severe and has shifted recently.

Poor Health

Trees can become unstable as they near death. Do you notice dead leaves when they should be blooming? Are there multiple exposed roots? These are signs of an ailing tree. It’s time to bring in an arborist for an assessment. Not all trees in poor health need to be removed. With the right professional care, some can be nursed back to good health.

Close to Power Lines

Unstable trees adjacent to power lines and telephone poles can be a real safety hazard. Even a falling branch can pose a risk. An arborist may determine whether tree trimming or removal altogether is necessary. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Schedule Summer Tree Pruning Near Lakewood

summer tree pruningMost homeowners schedule tree pruning during winter right as the trees go into dormancy. However, summer is another good time for getting this done. This is particularly true for fruit-bearing trees and trees with existing damage. Here are a few other reasons summer tree pruning is beneficial.

Dead Limb Removal

Pruning ensures the removal of limbs that may show signs of severe damage or disease. These limbs stress the tree and should be removed right away to prevent stunted growth. Weakened limbs can also collapse and damage property or cause bodily injury.

Vigorous Growth

Professional pruning during summer also encourages the healthy production of new branches and oxygen-producing leaves. This isn’t a DIY job and requires a professional that can prune at just the right depth for optimal growth in the ensuing months. Continue Reading →

Types of Tree Pruning in Gig Harbor

tree pruning types, tree pruningIs your tree due for a pruning? Gig Harbor homeowners shouldn’t tackle this type of task on their own. This can be a dangerous job without the right training and equipment. In addition, there are different tree pruning types, some of which are better depending on the tree’s stature and branches. A professional arborist can determine the ideal pruning type for your tree. Here are the most common pruning and trimming styles.


Thinning is a common tree trimming and pruning type. This is the process of cutting off branches at the base and along the trunk. This is done to lessen foliage density. 


Topping is a much more intensive version of thinning. This process removes the bulk of the branches down to the trunk. This is done to encourage new branches to grow in the desired direction.

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Tree Removal Near University Place: Is Your Tree in Danger of Falling?

falling tree, tree removalDo you have a tree just outside your home or place of business near University Place, Washington? It’s a good idea to schedule regular tree trimming sessions to keep the branches healthy. Trees with overly long branches are more structurally unstable and may be in danger of tipping over if it has a weak base. A falling tree is a serious safety liability to your family and property. A tree on the verge of falling over will usually give off signs it’s structurally weakened. Learn to recognize the following signs and call for tree removal for an inspection.

Watch for Leaning

Healthy trees will grow in a vertical position from top to bottom. If you notice the tree is leaning to the side or sways heavily during heavy winds, then it may be close to toppling over.

Assess Split Trunks

Most tree species have a single trunk. If it has a split trunk, this could indicate fungal disease or internal damage. Trees with a split trunk require a closeup assessment from an arborist.

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Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming in Tacoma

tree trimming dangersIs there a tree on your property with a branch or two that’s way too long and sticking out like a sore thumb? Perhaps those branches get in the way of your window’s view, or it extends to your neighbor’s property. Either way, you may be tempted to trim or prune the branches by yourself using a conventional handsaw. However, this is not a good idea for many reasons. Tree removal is best left to a professional arborist in Tacoma. There are tree trimming dangers homeowners may not be aware of, not to mention the risk of property damage. Here are the potential dangers associated with cutting a tree.


Trees may be near electrical lines. This makes maintenance especially dangerous. Coming too close to these lines when sawing a branch can lead to electrocution, resulting in grave bodily injury or even death. Handling trees near electrical lines require expertise from a professional.


Some limbs may be low enough to cut from the ground. However, others may require scaling the tree to reach the branch. This poses a significant risk of falling. This requires safety gear and harnesses that only a professional has access to.

Being Struck

It’s possible to get hit by a falling branch as you cut it down. A professional tree cutter, however, knows how to get in the right position to avoid this hazardous risk.

Contact a Professional to Offset the Tree Trimming Dangers in Tacoma

Do you have a tree on your property that requires trimming or pruning in Tacoma? Now that you understand the tree trimming dangers, it’s time to contact the pros at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup today. Let us handle the trimming and avoid unnecessary safety risks. We also provide emergency tree removal if you need prompt service within 24 hours.

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Reasons to Hire a Tree Removal Specialist Near Sumner

tree removal

Is there a tree on your property that’s dying, or you just wish to remove from your property? Some homeowners may attempt to perform the tree removal themselves. However, this is never a good idea. The task is quite sophisticated and requires far more than just grunt work. Here are reasons you should bring in a tree removal specialist near Sumner.


Removing an adult tree poses a lot of safety hazards. The job requires expert training as well as the right commercial tools. Self-removal may lead to catastrophic consequences with you or someone in the vicinity getting seriously hurt. You may be held liable for injury to other people.

Damage Prevention

Aside from bodily injury, you also risk damage to property. A falling tree can cause massive damage to cars or roofs and windows of residences. Even if you have insurance, your policy will likely not cover the damage if the incident was deemed preventable and a result of negligence.

Superior Results

There’s only so much you can do with basic tools and lack of experience. Whether dealing with a standard or emergency tree removal, a professional can do the job to industry standards and with little disruption to your surroundings.

Need a Tree Removal Specialist Near Sumner?

Is there a tree on your premises that must go? Instead of attempting self-removal, contact a tree removal specialist in or around Sumner. More specifically, contact Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup for professional servicing. We can dispatch one of our knowledgeable arborists to your home or business for an assessment. We can come up with an efficient plan for removal. If you don’t wish to remove the whole tree, then we can also perform tree trimming to scale down the branches. 

Hire a Tree Removal Specialist Around Sumner

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What to Expect from Tree Removal Services Near Gig Harbor

tree removal

Are you scheduling tree removal services for your lawn in or around Gig Harbor, Washington? It helps to know what the process entails ahead of time to make the endeavor less of a stressor. Of course, the scope of each project differs depending on the size and type of tree. However, there are several tree removal basics that apply across all projects that homeowners should learn about.

Cost Variation

It’s difficult to provide an average estimate given the variety of factors. An arborist will need to perform an in-person assessment before an estimate can be given. In any case, expect the cost to range anywhere from the three-digit to four-digit ranges. If scheduling emergency tree removal, then the cost will be higher.

Two Primary Methods

The tree removal service will either cut your tree down in one piece or remove sections piece by piece from the top down. The chosen method will be based on conditions, such as the presence of nearby utilities and neighboring homes.

Remaining Stump

Upon removal, the stump will remain. You can inquire about stump removal. However, this is a separate process that’ll take additional time and money. Determine ahead of time whether you’re okay with having the stump remain on your lawn.

We Cover the Tree Removal Basics Near Gig Harbor

Do you have a tree on your lawn in or around Gig Harbor that you wish to remove? Now that you have a baseline understanding of tree removal basics, it’s time to take the next proactive step and contact Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup to schedule an in-person assessment of your tree. Apart from complete removal, we also provide tree trimming and pruning services for homeowners and business owners.

Tree Removal Basics Near Gig Harbor

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