How Often Should You Be Getting Tree Trimming Services in Lakewood?

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Taking care of the trees on your property is a big responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Getting your trees trimmed is your best bet if you want to keep them healthy and protect your home from potential hazards. Knowing how often to get tree trimming services will help you make the right choice. 

Every One to Three Years

A good rule of thumb is to get your trees trimmed every one to three years. However, this will change depending on things like the age of the trees and what kind you have. An experienced arborist can make suggestions that are tailored to your particular trees. 

Whenever You Hear Strange Noises

If you have been hearing a lot of creaking noises or cracking in your yard, it is time to have your trees trimmed. Noises like these could suggest that there are unstable branches somewhere on your property that need to be dealt with immediately. This will keep you and your family safe. 

The End of Winter

The end of winter is a great time to get tree trimming services. This is when your trees will be easiest to trim and when they’ll be the least likely to have growth issues related to the trimming. February is the best month to get this done, so be sure to schedule accordingly. 

Need Tree Trimming Services in Lakewood? 

Does your yard have trees that need to be serviced? The best solution is to call Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company for an evaluation. An arborist can determine whether removal is in order. Aside from trimming, we also provide emergency services to quickly remove your fallen tree after a storm. Contact us today!

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