Benefits of Tree Topping in Lakewood

tree topping, tree trimmingWhen was the last time you had a professional trim your tree, if ever? This is also known as tree topping, and it’s an integral part of maintaining tree health. There are multiple benefits associated with regularly topping a tree. Consider these advantages if you’re a Lakewood homeowner and have an adult tree resting on your property.

Improves Tree Health

Tree topping promotes good tree health. As the tree grows, some parts begin withering. The withered areas make it more difficult for still-living areas of the tree to thrive. Removing the dead portions enables the tree to freely expand without the risk of stunted growth.

Directs Growth of Young Trees

Saplings tend to grow without any specific direction. In some cases, trees may expand in ways that can be counterproductive. Tree trimming and pruning enable the tree to grow naturally and in the direction of the sunlight.

Keeps Your Property Safe

While visually pleasing, trees can induce costly damage. Dead branches are less stable and can break off during heavy winds and smash against the home, vehicle, or driveway. By topping off branches, you minimize the risk of property damage. You also minimize potential tree removal due to the tree dying prematurely.

Need Tree Topping Services in Lakewood?

Does your tree have branches that appear overgrown? The best solution is to call Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company for an evaluation. An arborist can determine whether tree topping is in order. Aside from trimming, we also provide emergency services to quickly have your fallen tree removed in the aftermath of a storm. Let us tend to your tree to ensure its longevity. 

Tree Topping Experts in Lakewood

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