When is it Time to Call a Certified Arborist Serving University Place?

certified arboristHomeowners are not advised to perform any type of extensive tree work on their own. Doing so may risk damage to the tree and may also pose a safety risk to the homeowners. Learn when you should contact a certified arborist to tend to a tree on your property. 

Tree Assessment

A diseased tree has a weakened structure and may topple over during high winds. This makes it a serious safety liability. Contact an arborist to evaluate the tree’s health and any potential safety risks.

Tree Pruning

An arborist can also perform tree trimming and pruning. Cutting off branches serve multiple purposes. It keeps elongated branches away from power and utility lines. It also minimizes the chances of the tree developing an infection. Trimming should only be done by a professional. Homeowners may make the mistake of cutting too deeply, which can have the opposite effect and leave the tree more vulnerable to disease.

Tree Removal

Call a licensed arborist regarding tree removal services. A fallen tree can inhibit the use of your lawn or driveway. You are also legally required to have it removed if the fallen tree extends to public property.

Need a Certified Arborist Serving University Place?

Do you suspect you’ll need a certified arborist to take a look at your tree? Reach out to our team of professionals at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company. As arborists, we can perform a health assessment and determine whether your tree has or is prone to developing dangerous diseases. We also perform an array of emergency services, such as tree and debris removal after a storm. A tree is a complex living organism and requires a professional to diagnose and properly treat it.

Certified Arborist Serving University Place

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