Indicators That You Need Tree Removal Services Serving Federal Way

tree removal indicatorIs there a tree that rests on your property? There are tree removal indicators that hint that the tree may be in dire health and in danger of toppling over. To be sure, you’ll need to contact tree removal services serving Federal Way. Here are the indicators to watch out for.


Is the tree leaning heavily in one direction? A healthy tree doesn’t have to be perfectly upright, but it shouldn’t be significantly tilted in one direction either. This can especially be a danger if the tree is leaning in the direction of your home or driveway. Contact emergency tree removal if the leaning is severe and has shifted recently.

Poor Health

Trees can become unstable as they near death. Do you notice dead leaves when they should be blooming? Are there multiple exposed roots? These are signs of an ailing tree. It’s time to bring in an arborist for an assessment. Not all trees in poor health need to be removed. With the right professional care, some can be nursed back to good health.

Close to Power Lines

Unstable trees adjacent to power lines and telephone poles can be a real safety hazard. Even a falling branch can pose a risk. An arborist may determine whether tree trimming or removal altogether is necessary.

Need Help with Tree Removal Indicators in Federal Way?

Have you noticed any of the aforementioned tree removal indicators in Federal Way? It may be time to contact the pros at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company. Our arborists have the training to assess tree health and determine whether the tree requires treatment or should be removed from the property as a safety precaution. 

Tree Removal Indicators in Federal Way

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