Types of Tree Pruning in Gig Harbor

tree pruning types, tree pruningIs your tree due for a pruning? Gig Harbor homeowners shouldn’t tackle this type of task on their own. This can be a dangerous job without the right training and equipment. In addition, there are different tree pruning types, some of which are better depending on the tree’s stature and branches. A professional arborist can determine the ideal pruning type for your tree. Here are the most common pruning and trimming styles.


Thinning is a common tree trimming and pruning type. This is the process of cutting off branches at the base and along the trunk. This is done to lessen foliage density. 


Topping is a much more intensive version of thinning. This process removes the bulk of the branches down to the trunk. This is done to encourage new branches to grow in the desired direction.


The third type of tree pruning is raising. This involves cutting low-hanging branches and is done in areas with a high-density population. This clears the way for people, vehicles, and driveways. This is also done to remove branches that extend to your neighbor’s property.

We Identify the Best Tree Pruning Types in Gig Harbor

Does your tree require pruning? Call Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company to schedule an appointment with one of our expert arborists. Upon an assessment, we’ll determine the best tree pruning types that will promote healthy growth. Apart from pruning, we also perform tree removal as well as emergency services, such as removing a fallen tree after a storm. Keep in mind that trees are complex living organisms and require care and maintenance from an expert. Leave it to our crew to assess a tree on your property.

We Provide all Tree Pruning Types in Gig Harbor

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