Tree Removal Near University Place: Is Your Tree in Danger of Falling?

falling tree, tree removalDo you have a tree just outside your home or place of business near University Place, Washington? It’s a good idea to schedule regular tree trimming sessions to keep the branches healthy. Trees with overly long branches are more structurally unstable and may be in danger of tipping over if it has a weak base. A falling tree is a serious safety liability to your family and property. A tree on the verge of falling over will usually give off signs it’s structurally weakened. Learn to recognize the following signs and call for tree removal for an inspection.

Watch for Leaning

Healthy trees will grow in a vertical position from top to bottom. If you notice the tree is leaning to the side or sways heavily during heavy winds, then it may be close to toppling over.

Assess Split Trunks

Most tree species have a single trunk. If it has a split trunk, this could indicate fungal disease or internal damage. Trees with a split trunk require a closeup assessment from an arborist.

Treat or Remove Diseased Trees

Various diseases can inflict a tree and weaken its base. An arborist will need to perform a checkup if you notice discoloration in the bark or leaves or a lack of leaves altogether. A tree care expert can assess whether the tree is in danger of falling over.

Need Remediation for a Falling Tree Near University Place?

Is there a tree on your property that you fear may be unstable? Our emergency tree removal deal with falling trees in University Place. Give Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup a call to set up an appointment. One of our arborists will make a professional assessment and get the tree back in stable health. If the tree is damaged beyond healing, then we perform prompt removal services. 

Falling Tree Prevention Near University Place

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