How to Prepare for Tree Removal Near Gig Harbor

Do you have an appointment for tree removal services with Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Gig Harbor, Washington? Take these steps to ensure that you’re prepared!

Do you have a tree on your property that you plan on removing? If so, then the course of action is to hire a tree removal expert near Gig Harbor. It’s a good idea to perform some tree removal preparation a few days out from the appointment. Here are some actions we recommend to ensure a smoother and speedier process upon the arborist’s arrival.

Make Space in Your Driveway

The tree removal process requires multiple tools and equipment, which the arborist will need immediate access to. For this reason, make space in your driveway so the arborists can park their truck and have close access to their tools.

Be Sure the Tree Is Accessible

Be certain the tree is easily accessible with plenty of free space around the tree perimeter. If you have items strewn around the tree, such as garden tools, a bike, or a lawnmower, remove them prior to the arborist’s arrival.

Move Breakable Items

During the removal process, there may be stray and falling branches. While the arborist will contain the area, you should clear the zone of fragile items like potted plants and ceramic decorations. This also makes the arborist’s job easier as he or she doesn’t have to work around these items.

Prioritize Tree Removal Preparation Near Gig Harbor

Do you have a tree on your property that you wish to remove? If so, the logical next step is to contact Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup and receive a free estimate. We recommend taking a little time before the appointment for tree removal preparation. It goes a long way in making the technician’s job easier. Apart from tree removal, we also perform tree trimming and remove trees in emergency situations.

Tree Removal Preparation Near Gig Harbor

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