When You Should Schedule Tree Removal Near Lakewood

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Tree removal scheduling is a crucial step for your Lakewood residence if you detect signs that your tree is in a diseased state. However, the timing of the removal needs to be taken into consideration. Let’s examine some of the factors that dictate the timing of removing a tree on your property.

Hazard Level

A tree that shows signs of decay may have weakened branches and be at risk of snapping off and causing bodily injury or property damage. Depending on the situation, you may need immediate removal from an emergency tree service. If an arborist deems the situation to be less dire, then you may be able to hold off until the next month or season.

Time of Year

If a tree doesn’t require urgent removal, then it’s best to arrange for removal in winter or early spring when trees go into dormancy. During this time, the trees have fewer leaves and are lighter, making them far easier to tend to. Since the soil is frozen, removal is also less likely to disrupt adjacent vegetation.


The cost differs depending on the time of year. However, there are additional factors that dictate the total estimate. A tree care professional will need to take multiple variables into consideration, such as the location and size, in order to come up with an accurate quote.

Prioritize Tree Removal Scheduling Near Lakewood

Tree removal scheduling is a necessary move for all property owners with a tree. The tree may be in ill health and require removal, or it may just require trimming and pruning. In any case, an arborist will need to make the determination. Contact Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup for an in-person assessment today. We have served residences and businesses all over the Lakewood area for many years. With our industry expertise, we will devise a solution that ensures the well-being of your property.

Tree Removal Scheduling Near Lakewood

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