Common Storm Cleanup Issues Around Puyallup

storm cleanup

Did a powerful storm just ravage your neighborhood? You may require professional storm cleanup services around Puyallup. Trees can create a major issue in the midst of a storm. Regardless of if the damage is minor or severe, it’s imperative that you handle it ASAP. Downed trees are a safety liability, particularly if they collapse and fall on a home or power line. Bear the following issues in mind as you decide whether you need storm cleanup.

Downed Tree(s)

One of the most commonplace issues is downed trees. Heavy rainfall and flooding saturate the ground. This usually loosens the soil, making trees susceptible to collapsing and causing catastrophic damage.

Broken Limbs

You’re likely to have multiple broken branches in your lawn after a storm. While it may appear to be a minor problem, a certified arborist can efficiently remove debris that’s too heavy to remove by hand.


It’s also not unusual for trees to get tangled up in buildings or other structures. When this occurs, a storm cleanup crew will know how to handle the situation. In some scenarios, tree removal may be necessary. 

Need Storm Cleanup Services Around Puyallup?

Do you require storm cleanup work on your property? Now that you know which problems are most prevalent, you’ll know when to seek help. Contact Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company around Puyallup to book a consultation. We have the skills to handle trees in a way that ensures the safety of people, property, and the tree itself. Give us a call today to make arrangements for emergency tree removal and other tree care services of your residence or commercial property.

Storm Cleanup Crew Around Puyallup

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