What You Need to Know About Stump Grinding in University Place

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Do you have a stump on your yard in University Place, Washington? It may be a good idea to arrange for stump grinding with a tree removal professional in your region. Very few homeowners are familiar with how this works and what takes place. Learn about the process so you can decide whether this service is right for you.

Stump Grinding in University Place; How It Works

If you need to remove a stump, an arborist might recommend grinding the stump. The technician will utilize a high-powered grinder to mechanically remove the stump in its entirety. This tool has a cutting wheel with razor-sharp blades that can slice and dice the stump like a knife through hot butter.

Why Do You Need It?

As any arborist will attest, stump grinding is an expedient method of removing a stump from your lawn. This process removes the whole stump and ensures you won’t have to put up with associated issues, such as fungus and pest infestations. It’s also non-invasive and won’t upend your lawn. 

How It Compares to Stump Removal

Stump removal is an entirely different method. Under this procedure, an arborist digs to remove the stump and relocates it. The drawback with this is that a huge noticeable hole remains intact where the stump was.

Need Stump Grinding in University Place?

Want to arrange stump grinding in University Place? Contact the pros at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup for help. We provide industry advice, high-quality workmanship, and stellar customer service. Our seasoned and knowledgeable crew is here to assist you with your tree pruning, trimming, and tree removal requirements. We have the training and commercial tools needed to complete the job in a timely manner. You can also depend on us for emergency tree removal.

Stump Grinding Services in University Place

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