Types of Tree Pruning in Gig Harbor

tree pruning types, tree pruningIs it time to schedule tree pruning for your home or business in Gig Harbor? This isn’t a task you should tackle by yourself. Large trees and shrubs can be particularly dangerous without proper training and equipment. Additionally, a professional can determine the best types of tree pruning for your situation. Tree trimming isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. There are various styles and methods, each with different uses and benefits. Make sure to verify what types of tree pruning your arborist plans to do before service begins.


A popular type of tree pruning is thinning. Thinning is the process of removing branches at the base of and alongside the trunk. This helps make foliage less dense.


Topping is much more drastic than thinning. This tree pruning process removes the majority of the branches down to the trunk. It is effective at training trees to grow in certain directions.


Another type of tree pruning is raising. Raising involves removing low-hanging braches and is most common in populated areas. The process is intended to make more room for pedestrians, cars or entryways.

Need to Schedule Professional Tree Pruning in Gig Harbor?

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