Reasons to Schedule Summer Tree Pruning in Lakewood

summer tree pruningWinter is the optimal time to schedule professional tree pruning in Lakewood, Washington. There are, however, some good reasons to scheduling summer tree pruning services and tree trimming services. This can be particularly good for fruit trees in certain areas, as well as trees that are damaged. For best results, discuss your specific needs and goals with a professional. Consider the following reasons to prune trees in the summer.

Dead Limb Removal

Scheduling professional tree pruning in the summer ensures the removal of any dead, damaged or diseased limbs. Limbs that can cause stress to your trees should be removed as soon as possible. Doing this enhances growth in the future.

Vigorous Growth

Professional tree pruning in the summer also encourages hearty growth. It’s important to prune or pinch weak tree growth in the winter, but it can be repeated again during late summer if rapid side-shoot growth occurs.

Pest Control

Another reason to prune trees in the summer is better pest control. An arborist can remove limbs and fruit that have mites or aphids. Doing this will protect the rest of your tree and allow it to live longer. Additionally, it’ll help prevent possible infestations.

Need to Schedule Professional Tree Pruning in Lakewood?

Do you need to schedule professional tree pruning services for your home or business in Lakewood, Washington? Now that you know why this is a good plan, it’s time to make an appointment. The pros at Joaquin’s Tree Expert Company in Puyallup can help! Our highly-trained specialists have the knowledge, skills and equipment to safely handle all of your tree pruning and tree removal needs. You can also count on us for emergency tree removal and storm cleanup. We have a reputation for providing expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every job. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

Professional Tree Pruning in Lakewood

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