When Should You Schedule Tree Pruning Services in Lakewood?

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Do you have trees on your property that should be pruned each year? If so, you might need to schedule tree pruning services in Lakewood, Washington. Knowing when to hire a tree pruning professional can be difficult, however. After all, timing is very important. Certain times of year are more appropriate for pruning than others. Keep the following seasonal tree pruning information in mind as you make plans for your property in Lakewood. 


Most homeowners opt to schedule tree pruning services during the winter when plants are dormant. Doing this often results in a burst of new growth in the spring. It is best, however, to wait until after the coldest part of the season has passed.


You can also hire an arborist to perform tree pruning services during the summer. This is often done to help direct the growth of your trees by slowing the development of the branches you no longer want. 


Most professionals will recommend that you avoid tree pruning during the fall. This is because your trees will heal more slowly and be more susceptible to decay fungi. It’s best to wait until winter or summer, depending on your goals.

Is It Time to Schedule Tree Pruning Services in Lakewood?

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